Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Long and thick eyelashes frame the beauty of the eyes. It gives a dramatic look to your overall face. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but they also serve as protection from airborne dust and debris from entering the eye. If you are one of those with medium lash growth and looking for ways to enhance them, there are many options. However, when your miracle lash growth serums and oils don’t give what you need, natural eyelash extensions can change the game for you. It doesn’t look like extended mascara curls. They look natural, long, and dark. If you need to boost the look, an eyelash lift is the one.  In today’s blog, let’s learn more about eyelash extensions to help you decide the best for your lash goal.

Saves You Time

If you don’t have the patience or time to maintain your lashes, eyelash extension services are perfect for you. You don’t have to use a curler or mascara to highlight your lashes, eyelash extension is glued to your natural eyelash hair one at a time, leaving your lash look full and charming.

Glam Look

A single eyelash extension is attached to the base of your natural eyelash. You can add the volume of the eyelash adding thickness to your existing eyelash, giving a glam eyelash look.

They Are Semi-Permanent

Eyelash extension stays as long as your natural eyelash stays in place. It stays about six to eight weeks. However, you need to go for touch-up treatments to maintain the bonding and the look of your lashes.

They Add Volume

If you want to add more volume to your eyelash, multiple eyelash extensions are glued to a single lash. These multiple eyelash extensions are also called volume fans. Each eyelash extension is thinner and thicker to make it look more natural and lightweight. Many studios and eyelash artists use hybrid and volume fans like 2D-4D, 6D-8D, and 10D-20D based on the needs of the individual.

They Are In Trend

Eyelash extensions are now in trend because they add a naturally voluminous look to your lash. Hybrid lash extensions are popular because of their dramatic and fuller appeal.

However, despite all this information about eyelash extensions, it’s best to listen to your eyelash artist or stylist to decide on the lash style, fullness, and look. If you want the best eyelash extensions in Melbourne CBD, come to JPride Lashes. For appointments, call 0433 637 079 today.