Lash Lift

Your natural lashes made longer, darker and curvier.

If you have sensitive eyes and eyelash extensions were an uncomfortable experience in the past, Lash Lifts are the perfect alternative for you! Delivering longer, darker, curvier and fuller looking lashes, JPrides Lash Lift is made for you.

Getting a Lash Lift at JPride will make your natural lashes appear longer as they curve up even the straightest lashes. Lasting for up to 10 weeks depending on maintenance and your existing lash condition, Lash Lifts are a great cost effective way to get a more glamourous look.


What to expect with a Lash Lift
A Lash Lift is just like getting a perm for your eyelashes, giving them a curl which makes your eyes look larger by giving the appearance they are more open. No more need for mascara saving you time in the morning getting ready.
A Lash Lift is done by curling your natural lashes with a curling rod on specially designed silicone pads. JPride uses a special adhesive and lifting lotion to get the desired curl and then use a perming lotion to hold the shape of the curl.
Treatment is usually done in 60 minutes and last for up to 8 weeks!
What are the benefits of Lash Lift
Lash Lifts are long lasting and elimates the need for mascara. You can wake up with a natural wide eyed look!
Lash Lifts are much easier to maintain than eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions will eventually fall off and this can leaves gaps between your lashes which can look less than nice.
Lash Lifts are generally much more gentle on the eyes and eyelash extensions.
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